Creating a new C++ project from CVS (Eclipse 3.2.1/CDT 3.1.1)

Step 1. Launch the new project wizard

Click File->New->Project... from the top level menu to open the New Project Wizard

Step 2. Select wizard to create project from CVS

Scroll down and expand the fold labeled CVS. Select the sub-item "Projects from CVS".
Then click Next.

Step 3. Enter CVS repository to checkout files from

Assuming that no CVS Repository locations have been defined, the next input dialog will prompt for CVS repository location information. Sourceforge provides anonymous access using the information entered below. Click Next.

Step 4. Connect to CVS repository and display modules

Step 5. Select the CVS module to checkout

In this case, the pretools module subdirectory "source" is selected for checkout. Then click Next.

Step 6. Specify project name to checkout module as

In this case, the module is checked out to the project "pretools-source" into the current workspace. Also check the box, "Checkout subffolders". Then click Next.

Step 7. Specify the checkout directory in the current workspace

In this case, the module is checked out to the directory "pretools-source" under the workspace directory "D:\sourceforge". Note that this is the default workspace location. Then click Next.

Step 8. Select the CVS checkout tag

To get most up-to-date and perhaps experimental build of the module check-out from the HEAD. The input dialog shows a specific version (with tag: "preTools-2_0_0") is being checked-out   Click Finish.

Step 9. The project contents are checked out and displayed in the resource perspective

Step 10. Change to the C++ perspective

Step 11. New project in C++ perspective

Note the tab showing all possible make targets.